Home improvement shows are bigger than ever. They love to show how fast and easy a simple bathroom renovation can be, and how much your home will increase in value (if a sale was something you were considering)

Currently, there are more people at home due to the situation at hand, and as I noticed at the local Home Depot on the weekend, there is likely more interest in a “weekend project” than ever before.

We are going to look at some of the myths and misconceptions that you need to be aware of before thinking about what type of project you would like to undertake.

Underestimated Time

That “weekend” project?
An average homeowner will have a minimal set of skills and tools, unless you are employed in the trades. That typical quick bathroom renovation?
It will likely take an average homeowner the better part of the weekend, just on the demolition alone.
Typically, the average homeowner would not undertake an entire home reno on their own, so one needs to demolish the room, while taking care to NOT DAMAGE the rest of the house.
We live in a home with multiple trades, and our bathroom reno still took a couple weekends to tackle.
Should you live in a home with only 1 bathroom, this can cause strain in the household.

It’s Cheaper

There are certain aspects to this statement that *can* be true. Saving on labour is a good chunk of the expense of a renovation.

However. Contractors carry insurance, and the skills to get the job done quickly, and with less waste on products, (cut the tile wrong a few times, will add up quickly!) or they will know all of the parts they need, without taking 18 trips to the hardware store.
Plus, many contractors offer a warranty on their labour, so that *if* a problem should occur, a quick phone call can help remedy the situation.
While you save a few dollars upfront, you may pay more in the long run.


There are many projects that need permits. It is a largely overlooked issue that can land you in some very expensive hot water.
I have had neighbors knock at my door, asking me to sign a form for the city, because they built a shed in the backyard, but it was too close to the fence, and then proceeded to have a falling out with their next door neighbour.
Said neighbour called the city and reported it.
Many times, a city will make you tear down that structure that you spent all that time and money on, AT YOUR EXPENSE.

So, please, do your homework, and check if you need to get a permit for that job.
A licensed contractor will take care of this headache for you. Its one of the things that is typically rolled into their quote. While it will make their estimate look larger, it is for a good reason.

Cleanup is a SNAP!

Are you sure its a matter of just tossing everything into the dumpster? Most times, it is as simple as that. rent a large dumpster and be done with it.
However. There are things that need to be taken into consideration.

Is that waste drywall? Have you got asbestos in the walls?
Many building materials have been deemed hazardous, and require special disposal.

Ordering Online is WAY Cheaper.

Too good to be true, is a cliche that has been proven time and time again.
And there ARE cases, that Amazon or another website can have great prices, and a great return policy.
However. Many times, why an online deal is great, is because its a discontinued product, and may or may not have all the fittings you need. If it doesn’t, you may have problems trying to install it. Or else, it can be an inferior product rebranded as something else, and you can have a heck of a time getting your money back.

At the end of the day, it is your decision for DIY or not. We just want you to be aware that there are some considerations in mind before picking up that sledgehammer.
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